24/7 Cash game + tournaments


Grand opening

18:00 Welcome party
21:00 Cash game (live-stream)


Let’s cash

16:00 Cash game (live-stream)
17:00 HU tournament
20:00 Ladies SNG (live-stream)


It’s showtime

16:00 Highroller SNG (live-stream)
20:00 HU finals (live-stream)


Time to wind down

16:00 Cash game (live-stream)

Cash tables open from 19:00!

Cash tables open all day (24 h)

Cash tables open all day (24 h)

Cash tables open until 18:00

2 is better than 1 HU tournament

2 is better than 1 because

  • in HU there are 2 players against one another
  • you play in teams of 2 (you & your friend)
  • you get 2 wild cards per round

Day 1 – first rounds. You’re paired up against randomly picked teams. Each team member plays for 20 minutes. Then you swap.

Day 2 – semi-finals and finals. You’re playing at the TV-table, wearing noise cancelling headphones. The crowd at the casino is watching the game on screens. Live!

And the wild card? It gives you the right to see one of your opponents pocket cards. Use your wild cards wisely 😉

Buy in €220, freezeout

Ladies Turbo SNG


Girls, this one is just for you. Get dolled up and get ready for a friendly catfight at our feature table.

The kind gentlemen at the casino will sort out your rebuy, should you get eliminated during the first 5 levels. The casino is packed with kind men that night!

By the way. Thanks for making it the most beautiful livestream at Cash Tour!

Buy in €55, unlimited re-buy (first 5 levels).

High rollers Wildcard Turbo SNG


Take a seat for a proper adrenaline rush! You’re in for a good laugh and who knows – you might even shed a tear or two. All this thanks to the 2 wild cards in your possession.

The wild card gives you the opportunity to change the river card. That’s right. If you don’t like the river, just hand in your wild card and the dealer will open a new one.

Want to get your ticket to this rollercoaster of emotions?

Buy in €550, freezeout

4 days of 24/7 cash games


Cash Tour will turn the casino into a cash poker paradise. Just choose your desired limits and enjoy the ride.