Erle, a poker player from Tallinn.

Meet Erle from Estonia. We had a chat with her over the most expensive cup of tea ever (€4 – are you kidding me, Tallinn? Should’ve gone for beer) and got to know her.

So can you!

She’ll be one of our guests at Cash Tour Malta on March 15th – 18th.


1. For how long have you played poker?

I’ve played poker for 4 years.

2. What brought you to poker?

I wanted to learn a strategic game. What would be better than poker, right? On top of strategic thinking there are thrill and psychological factors which make poker an exciting and enjoyable game.

3. What is it that you love about poker?

To me poker is entertainment. It gives me a perfect opportunity to step out of the daily routine.

4. What’s your profession and how does it help you as a poker player?

Well, I’m a lawyer. To be honest, it’s actually vice versa. Poker has given me skills that have helped me to become better at my daily job. Choice of strategy, knowing my opponent and being able to guess my opponent’s next move…I do all this better thanks to my experience in poker.

5. Is it easier to play against men or women?

It’s way harder to play against women. Their decisions aren’t predictable and are often based on emotions rather than cold logic.

6. What’s your choice of accessories – sunglasses or a deep cleavage?

Haha, there’s no point to hide your eyes nor cleavage – if you have something to show off!

7. Are you a party animal? Can we count on you at Cash Tour?

Absolutely! Bring on the party, I’m in all day long.

8. What’s your poison?

Depends on the mood. Campari Spritzer and Bayley’s on rocks are never a miss.

9. Do you have a HU partner already?

I haven’t thought about it yet. Did someone say they needed a partner? I’m open to propositions.

10. What will you do with all the money you’re going to win?

I need to win first! But if I do, I’m going to get something from a jewelry shop. I like pretty things 😉


Watch Erle play in feature table on March 16th. That’s right – we’ll be streaming Ladies SNG.

Never heard of the Ladies SNG?

Check out Cash Tour schedule >>

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