Your next stop: MALTA

March 15th – 18th

What’s Cash Tour?


We started this new poker event series so you’d have a reason to chase fun around Europe. Travel with us to Tallinn, Malta, London and beyond.

Our 4-day event is about 24/7 cash games and special entertainment like you’ve never seen before.

4 days of actions

Grind away

Take it easy or play with the ‘big boys’ – it’s up to you. You’ll have a wide choice of cash tables.

Become a star

Forget Phil Ivey and show your amazing poker skills to the world by playing at the feature table.

Enjoy the show

Observe from a distance or take part! Our spectacular special tournaments are not to be missed!

These aren’t just your regular tournaments.

There’s a twist!

WELCOME TO MALTA: March 15th – 18th


Grand opening

18:00 Welcome party
21:00 Cash game (live-stream)


Let’s cash

16:00 Cash game (live-stream)
17:00 HU tournament
20:00 Ladies SNG (live-stream)


It’s showtime

16:00 Highroller SNG (live-stream)
20:00 HU finals (live-stream)


Time to wind down

16:00 Cash game (live-stream)

Cash tables open from 19:00!

Cash tables open all day (24 h)

Cash tables open all day (24 h)

Cash tables open until 18:00

Time to iron your speedo and book the hotel

Malta is waiting!

Kudos to these guys

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